I agree and live in the SoCal mountains. Mornings are often frosty at my altitude. I have the A/S3s on the stock BRZ wheels and Pilot Super Sports on aftermarket rims. The PSS tires turn to rock in the thirties and the A/S3's have gone down into the low teens without a problem. The grip differential is slight, so I… » 1/18/15 5:41pm 1/18/15 5:41pm

"Yet China has had a uniquely large demand for heavy under-slung cargo carrying ability, for both construction and logistical purposes and there has been talk for the last decade or two about how a super-heavy lift helicopter could change the way some structures are built. This is especially true for modular vertical… » 11/21/14 7:20pm 11/21/14 7:20pm